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As soon as our off-site manufacture is complete, we deliver the materials and begin the process of erection. Thanks to B.E. Timber Frame’s effective design and manufacturing stages, as well as our professional team of carpenters and foremen, this generally takes only a few days (dependent on design) without any compromise of safety or quality.

The timber frame panels are rapidly erected on site and a weather proof building can be created in just a few days. This enables work to continue in sheltered conditions within the building whilst the outer cladding and roof finishes are applied. This not only saves time but also allows decoration to be carried out soon after completion of the construction without risk of cracking and deterioration of finishes.

Timber frame construction uses pre-fabricated (off-site manufacture) external and internal stud walls, floor joists and roof trusses to form the super-structure which is a complete structural frame that transfers the vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations. After the timber frame structure has been erected it can then be clad in brick, wood, fibre cement board, rendered or tiled which will provide the final look for the home as well as weather protection. The external cladding would be installed on site.

All of our timber frame construction services are available throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

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